Software Engineer - LAMP Stack

Atlanta, GA

Quick Overview:

Our customer is developing an AI digital assistant.  They are entering the third iteration of the software and have decided to green field the development of this iteration while we maintain clients on the existing legacy platform.  The architecture of this next iteration is thought out, and the team needs a forward-thinking developer who wants to grow their skills by helping implement this architecture and add to it from their own past experiences and what they learn as moving forward. We do not need a developer that checks off every box from the list of software, but a person who wants to grow, learn, have fun and develop the best version of the application yet.

Tools We Use:

We are a LAMP stack shop

-        Linux: Ubuntu Server 18.04

-        Apache

-        MySQL 5.7.2* / 8.*

-        php7.3+

-        Slim Framework 3.*

-        Node 12.8.* (not required)

-        Angular 8 / React (not required)



-        GitHub

-        SonarCube

-        PHPunit

-        CircleCI

-        AWS


-        Watson/



We are looking for a mid-level PHP developer that is comfortable working in a small focused team.  You will develop API gateways, microservices and the interchange of data between our services, queues, users and third-party API’s. Your primary focus will be the development of services logic, definition and maintenance of each services database, the development of unit tests for your code and ensuring high performance and responsiveness to requests from consumers of our application.

We are green fielding this next iteration of our platform, growing its scalability and maintainability by shifting from our current monolithic design to a microservices architecture.  Because of this we are looking for a candidate that has familiarity with microservices SAAS based application.

An ideal candidate will have 3+ years PHP/MySQL experience with conceptual knowledge of microservices architecture, they will be comfortable working with AWS where we are utilizing EC2/ECS, RDS, SQS and Redis and will utilize AWS CodeDeploy in conjunction with GitHub and CircleCI for our CI/CD pipeline.


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2600 Abbey Court
Alpharetta, Georgia 30004

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